Travel You to Bauang, La Union

One of the Philippine's less frequented destination is Bauang, La Union. People just pass through the province on the way to the Ilocos provinces. Bauang La Union has a lot to offer. Driving from Manila to here takes about 5-7 hours depending on traffic here or the adjacent province of Pangasinan. Here are a few things...

Bauang Beach

If you want some alone time and avoid the beach crowd, then definitely there is a row of beach resorts available for you to explore. Almost all of the resorts were fully booked during the long weekend before Labor day so we got the Matrimonial room of San Luis del Mar, which is the resort owned, developed, and managed by the SLC Campus in San Fernando ( The road to the resort can only accomodate 1 vehicle at a time so just imagine if there are vehicles coming in and out.

The Beachfront is BLACK SAND and jellyfish abound, but the picture is PERFECT!

Just look at that perfect Sunset!

Have some yummy delicious breakfast

See you next time!

Grape Picking

On the way back to Manila you can do some grape picking, it is available anytime of the day. See the 360 view on our Facebook page.

Churches in Agoo

You can drop by some churches along Macarthur highway 

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